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What Is A Writing Spider? Everything You Need to Know

Learn about writing spider and what does a writing spider look like in this article. Also, difference between a writing spider web and banana spider

Everything About Writing Spider

What is a Writing spider

A writing spider is a fascinating arachnid that is widely recognized, and even symbolic to some people because of its intricate webs and unique appearance. Its bright and large colors, along with some striking markings, make it quite easy to identify. 

If you're keen on learning more about the fascinating world of writing spiders, their appearances, and their unique weaving of abilities, you should read further in this article in order to learn some interesting facts about this species of spider.

 For that purpose, the main focus of this article is to provide a general overview of what a writing spider is and explore all of its unique traits, including how it looks, its preferred habitat, its behaviors, the kinds of insects the writing spider preys on, and, the myth surrounding the existence of writing spider, and—most importantly—how amazing it is that such specie of spider can weave such webs. 

This essay will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of a writing spider, whether you are a nature lover, a writer, or just interested about the world. It's existence will definitely interest you.

What Is A Writing Spider?

A writing spider is a arachnid, also known as a golden orb weaver or yellow garden spider ( Argiope aurantia). It is commonly found in tropical and subtropical areas. Although, it can still be found in other parts of the world. Writing spider can be easily identified from its appearance which is usually noticed from its bright yellow colour and intricate webs.

The writing spider is a common species that frequently captures the attention of gardeners due to their uncommon zig-zag web. A further description of the writing spider web is elucidated further below.

Why Is It Called A Writing Spider

The Argiope Aurantia is called a writing spider due to the trademark vertical zig-zag pattern they construct in their webs. The zig-zag design helps stabilize the large web. If the writing spider is disturbed, it will vibrate the web as a defense mechanism.

This is clearly distinct from the usual artistic appearance of spiders' webs.

What Kills Writing Spiders?

There are countless numbers of predators in the wild that perceive a writing spider as a suitable prey. Notable ones are the spider wasps, shrews, lizards and bird. At the same time, writing spider can also fall as prey when stomped on by humans. 

How Long Can a Writing Spider Live? The Writing Spider Lifespan 

The usual life span of the writing spider is only one year, and supposedly they die with the first hard frost.Nonetheless, some females have lived for several years in warmer environments or in captivity.
Generally speaking, females live longer than males. In most climate, they typically hatch in the fall and survive till the following winter.

Do Writing Spiders Bite?

It is stipulated that writing spiders do bite. Their bites are compared to that of a bee sting. They really attack unless they are provoked. However, writing spiders bite are not dangerous.

What Is The Difference Between a Writing Spider and a Banana Spider?

According to Mattias Johansson, the assistant professor of biology at the University of North Georgia Gainesville campus who specializes in invasive species research, the differences between a writing spider and banana spider are:

Writing spider
Writing Spider

Banana Spider
Banana Spider

1. The appearance of the web: 

The banana spider webs are three-dimensional and often big. The webs are also yellow in color. While in contrast, the writing spider is built with one layer. The web has some zigzags and it is white in color.

2. The position of legs:

 A writing spider often hold its front pair of legs together and the back pair of legs together which forms  an "X" shape with their bodies. Whereas, the banana spider usually has its limbs separated.

Other notable differences between a writing soldier and banana spider is provided by Garrett Hibbs, a Hall County cooperative extension agent who has been monitoring the invasive arachnid (as reported by The Times). According to him, the banana spider has hairy legs. The bottle brush legs distinguish them from each other. Another way to do that is to look at the splash of red on a banana spider's abdomen.

Writing Spider Myth: What is The Old Saying About Writing Spiders?

The old writing spider myth is that if someone disturbs or damages the writing spider's web, it will write that person's name when it reweaves the web. The believe is that when it does, the person will die before sundown the next day.

Another writing spider myth is that if a person speaks a name to its web, So let's explore the world of writing spiders in more detail and solve the mystery that lie within it.

Appearance of a Writing Spider: What Does A Writing Spider Look Like?

What does a writing spider look like

Let's have a detailed description of the physical appearance of a writing spider.The physical appearance of a writing spider includes brightly colored bodies and intricate markings. These spiders are also typically yellowish-brown in appearance, have lengthy legs, and a huge, round abdomen. 

Several other species' bodies or legs also feature recognizable black and white patterns.After giving details in respect of what does a writing spider look like, let's consider their habitat.T

The Habitat of a Writing Spider: Where Can You Find A Writing Spider?

Writing spiders often favor warm, humid locations with lots of plants, so they may create webs there. Forests, gardens, and even urban settings are among the places where writing spider can be seen weaving its webs on man-made structures. 

They are frequently observed throughout the southern states of the United States, including Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Are Writing Spiders Poisonous 

Writing spiders are not considered poisonous to humans, however, they may be Poisonous to other insects. However, writing spiders bite may cause the reaction similar to that of a bee sting.

Are Writing Spiders Harmful?

Writing spiders are not dangerous to people and really help keep the population of other insects in their environments under control because they feed on other insects. Writing spiders are considered very shy and rarely leave their web or attack, unless they are provoked. 

Also, their bite is similar to a bee sting, but their venom is not very harmful to humans. Hence, writing spiders are non-lethal creatures that can't hurt humans. Instead, they are frequently seen and may be plainly seen during the warmer seasons of the year as they weave their elaborate webs.

Fundamentally, writing spiders are an essential component of many ecosystems due to their habitat preferences and behavioral traits, and they are a fascinating topic for both nature enthusiasts and inquisitive minds.

The Behavior and What Writing Spider Eats

The physical characteristics of a writing spider are remarkable, but also, the behaviors and distinctive social systems. Specifically, writing spider is a solitary spider that only socialize with other individuals during the mating season.

As for the mating tactics of a writing spider, it has a methodical and patient manner of prey hunting which involves frequently waiting for the prey to approach it as opposed to actively hunting.

Writing spiders generally consume bees, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects that they catch in their webs. They employ sticky silk to catch their prey and trap them in their massive, intricate webs.

 The spider quickly immobilizes its prey with its poisonous bite after capturing it, then wraps it in silk for later consumption.

Although most species of writing spiders live alone, several have been observed sharing webs with other spiders. These social webs, which may be extremely extensive and home to several spiders, are used by them to protect their territory and trap prey.

 These social arrangements are, however, exceedingly uncommon, and the majority of writing spiders are solitary animals.

In essence, it is undeniably intriguing to study and research the social structures and behavioral patterns of writing spiders. They are ultimately considered a potent predator using the methodical hunting techniques and possessing a web building ability that is quite unique from other spiders.

 Interesting Details About The Weaving of a Writing Spider Web

Writing spider web

The writing spider web is notably its most distinguishing feature. The extraordinary abilities of a writing spider to spin intricate and complicated webs is interesting to study. The spider utilizes these webs to catch its prey, which makes them useful in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to observe.

Also, the writing spider web are distinctive for their golden hue, round form, and three-foot diameter. The spider frequently waits patiently for its next meal in the heart of these webs, which are literally made for the purpose of trapping flying insects. 

Thus, depending on the location and the types of prey in its surroundings, a writing spider can also weave various forms of webs, such as funnel and sheet webs.

Interestingly, a writing spider web can be woven in order to achieve a particular purpose. Depending on its purpose, a writing spider web can be woven using stronger silk or stickier silk. It can also patch up any holes that are formed by a weather or a prey's infiltration.

How Writing Spider Web Can Be Symbolic or Inspirational For Writers and Creatives

Technically, the sophisticated webs and striking look of writing spiders have served as symbols of creativity, tenacity, and patience throughout history, thereby inspiring authors and other creatives. All these are basically garnered from their features and habitual behaviours.

A writing spider has been used as literary allegories for creativity and the influence of the written word in a number of different works. For instance, the title character of E.B. White's book Charlotte's Web is a writing spider who uses messages she weaves into her web to save her friend Wilbur the pig. The character of Charlotte and her skill at spinning webs serve as metaphors for the book's themes of friendship, loyalty, and the value of storytelling.

Writing spiders can inspire writers and other creatives in addition to their connections to literature. Each strand in their methodical and painstaking web-weaving can be viewed as a miniature representation of a bigger work of art, serving as a metaphor for the creative process. Similar to writing spiders, creatives must be patient and persistent in their work, taking the time to carefully design each component of their project.

Other themes that can be explored using these notable features of a writing spider are themes of beauty—its yellow colour body; creativity—its unique ability to weave webs in zig-zag form. At the same time, the latter can be relevant to portray art. 

In essence, they can act as metaphor to represent something possessing similar feature.

How Do You Get Rid Of a Writing Spider

It is important to note that despite the fact that writing spiders are beneficial to have around your home in order to kill insects. They can equally constitute a nuisance, which may lead to further inconvenience in your home.

To get rid of writing spiders, you can request the service of an exterminator or consider taking some of the following steps:

  • a few times, dismantle their web.  The spider might move.
  •  Make "bug-away lights" out of the exterior lights.
  • Spritz them and their web with peppermint oil.

Facts About a Writing Spider 

Below are some interesting facts about writing spider:

  • The females are the enormous black and yellow spiders. 
  • The males are brown and smaller.
  • They are active early in the day and late at night.
  • They locate their prey by detecting web vibrations.
  • Females create fresh webs during the night after eating the web's clingy strands.

Other popular names for this creature are zipper spider, corn spider, and golden orb weaver.

How Do Writing Spiders Mate?

Female writing spiders may give birth to an incredible 300 to 1400 spider offspring from a single mating per year. The men usually approach a female web and pull on the strings to make contact. Similar to how playing guitar to seduce a lover is done by spiders.

It however gets eerie afterwards when, after intercourse, the males suffer seizures and die, generally within half an hour. He is then hidden away for a snack after being wrapped in the female's web.


In conclusion, as a unique and intriguing specie, a writing spider can serve as an interesting case study for writers, scientists, and other enthusiasts of nature.

 So far, we've looked at the physical characteristics, preferred habitats, behavior, and nutrition of writing spiders throughout this blog article. We've also studied the symbolism and literary allusions related to these amazing insects, as well as their extraordinary web-weaving skills.

Thus, with the knowledge you have gained from the above, you can easily identify a writing spider and distinguish it from other species of spiders.



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Pawners Paper: What Is A Writing Spider? Everything You Need to Know
What Is A Writing Spider? Everything You Need to Know
Learn about writing spider and what does a writing spider look like in this article. Also, difference between a writing spider web and banana spider
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